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Spoelstra is an ‘avant-garde-noise-math-rock-electro-artist’ from The Hague. His songs are complex and his albums conceptual, with titles that often reflect a dry sense of humor, repeatedly drenched in self-developed handmade typography.

Spoelstra was invited by record label Esc.rec. to conjure up a release in the Sediment series, with appurtenant live performance in its affiliated venue De Perifeer. The Sediment releases are in a completely new ‘one-of-a-kind-art-object-directly-related-to-live-performance’ category.

Spoelstra's Sediment release entitled 'Lists' consists only of eight unique setlists for a Spoelstra live show - eight unique pieces of art, exhibited prior to this action in the adjacent Kunstenlab. The only actual music in this release is Spoelstra's live show... so don't expect any audio recordings here.

'Lists' is all about the preparatory work of musicians that the public normally never gets to see: gain inspiration, writing songs, practicing, inventing lyrics, titles, artwork and set lists and especially the disposal of the majority of it all, because it still could be slightly better. All this to stay one step ahead of a demanding and critical audience and to be able to surprise with something hopefully never previously heard or seen exactly like that.

‘Lists’ is the third release in the Esc.rec. Sediment series and the 50th edition of the adventurous concert series Ass-crack Stage-hack (ACSH). 'Lists' is performed live in De Perifeer on October 30, 2016. That is also the exact same moment 'Lists' is released.

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released October 30, 2016

Artwork and live music by Spoelstra



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