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Make My Day

by Toxic Chicken

Sleep (free) 02:52
Just A Nice Day (free) 03:02
Boybestfriendrockstar (free) 03:22
If You Love Someone (free) 03:04
Make My Day (free) 02:58


‘Lo Fi’ (esc.rec.16), Toxic Chicken’s debut on esc.rec. is still ‘kakelvers’ (as we say in the Netherlands), only to be followed swiftly by ‘Make My Day’, a free mp3 release! ‘Make My Day’ sounds somewhat more subtle than ‘Lo Fi’. But most of all it sounds still unmistakably Toxic Chicken-ish all over again. Because you’re probably downloading or listening to this (high quality!) free mp3 release right now, making up your own mind is faster, easier and more reliable than reading this press release, so I’ll leave it at this.

Trivial Pursuit: Some of the sounds on ‘Make My Day’ originate from the knitting needles of Grannittin, on which Toxic Chicken also contributed two tracks.

Dare to be chicken, very pok!


Review by Alex Spalding for Yeah I Know It Sucks:
The carnival and Carnivalesque shall always be available for those who have need of it, as the world exists for the sake of children and lovers, freaks and fools; those who make the world turn anew each day, brighter than before. Musicians, too, find refuge here and contribute much to the pleasure of overwhelming the senses, pulling down from Valhalla the threads of imagination, weaving them into ridiculous sweaters and sending these to us in the post thereby giving us the love and dignity to bear the crap winters of the soul. Stoicism crumbles before the Toxic Chicken. It is he who writes the soundtrack to our hearts, who dares to be so silly and serenade us with electro-rhythmic compositions that melt away all of the bad things by turning them inside out, providing us an opportunity to look backward at insecurities, loss, fear, sorrow with a smile on our faces. The message, perhaps, is: to live!

‘Sleep’ is an endearing electro track, utilizing CompuRhythm-style percussion, tiny micro synth sounds, fragile vocals, what sound like electronic trumpets at one point toward the end. It’s very warm for something so electro-wave… perfect for catching some shut-eye, if you can even bring yourself to want to close your eyes while this plays. I felt more like looking around at everything.

Next is ‘The Way Your Body Rocks’, which doesn’t rock your body so much as illicit some strange twitching of the mind. I like the unusual electronic sounds used, the vocals are also totally amazing on this. I’m reminded of the Flexi Pop comps, of things like Suicide Commando or Pink Industry, but this is supremely happy and catchy electropop.

‘Just A Nice Day’ sounds like nothing else but a very nice day. A day for catching some rays, being inspired, having some food. Those laser tom toms are great, there’s also a lot of very lovely vocal combinations, guitar work that fits seamlessly with the infinitesimally small sound of the rest of the music. Kazoo? I think I might have heard one!

Nice broken electro rhythms and interesting vocal harmonies on ‘Why Can’t We Be Free’! I want to listen to this while I go up on a Ferris wheel or throw a ball and send a vulgar clown into a tub of water. Or maybe just find something else to do to have fun. The synths are really fun, this whole album is like a breath of fresh air. Shit was feeling pretty swampy for awhile. Oooh, and that breakdown section that goes on to the end is awesome!!!

‘Boybestfriendrockstar’ is like running water and bits of drip heading down some pipes. The vocals / lyrics are impeccably absurd and amusing. More tiny elf choirs come in. Weird sounds gather in the mix around the arhythmic groove.

‘If You Love Someone’ gets a slight bit more distorted, lots of fun effects! Loving the vocals, the grunts, the rhythm. This is probably my personal favourite so far of the material on this album. It’s just really nice, puts you in a good mood.

‘Make My Day’ is electro strangeness swirling around a distorted electro beat, the vocals are pure awesomeness! This is a close contender for my favourite track on the album. I feel like I’m listening to a bunch of imps or gremlin creatures at one point singing in chorus with one another. Very lovely!

A perfect album to improve your mood, if ever you’re looking for one, especially if you love oldschool electro and wave music.


Review by FdW in Vital Weekly:
Deventer’s (that is in The Netherlands) Esc Rec closes the year, or perhaps starts up with three free MP3 releases, two of which are by artists whom we know from before and a new one.

[...] Quite hot on the heels of ‘Lo Fi’ (see Vital Weekly 593), Toxic Chicken now arrives with ‘Make My Day’, which is hardly a break of styles. Short tracks with the raw and untamed energy of anarchy. A bit electro, a bit punk, still the sort of music to be used while engaged in various activities, like cleaning the house, doing shopping (MP3!) – anything but reading basically. It’s hard to concentrate while this is squirting away from the speakers. [...]


released December 27, 2007

All music and artwork by Toxic Chicken




Esc.rec. Deventer

Esc.rec. is a small, critically acclaimed record label for adventurous music, founded in 2004 by Harco Rutgers in Deventer, NL.

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